Should You Choose Wood Cedar Siding? What Are the Main Advantages?

Wood cedar siding can be a beautiful option for your home despite the obvious maintenance difficulties that usually come with wood siding. Wood is hard to replace in most cases because of its natural look and feel and the impressively genuine texture it comes with. While good alternatives are available, many homeowners still prefer the natural feel of wood over any of them.
window and shutters on cedar wood shingled home

So what’s so special about wood cedar siding? The lighter, open cell structure of cedar first of all makes it extremely handy when it comes to its use in construction. It’s easier to use, it doesn’t lose its durability as easily as other siding materials, and it’s a great insulator, allowing less heat to get through the wood. It doesn’t let as much heat to escape from your home during the winter, and it easily keeps heat outside during the summer, so your energy costs will also be reduced.

Another great thing about cedar is its beautiful styling. Cedar panels used for siding construction are available in a wide variety of stains and textures that offer a lot more diversity than other wooden materials. The textured, grainy wood offers great freedom of expression when used in its natural state, and stained cedar allows you to keep the perceptible grain design while expanding your options when it comes to unique home design.

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