The Aspects That Make Concrete Siding One of the Best Materials You Can Choose for Your Home

Concrete siding, also known as fiber cement siding, is one of the best materials you can use for your home. Despite being slightly more expensive than vinyl siding, its superiority to vinyl, metal and wood are impressive, not just when it comes to practical benefits, but also regarding aesthetics:

siding on a house

• Fiber cement siding is very fashionable and versatile in its style. You can get it to look like genuine concrete, wood or masonry. Also, its texture allows for dozens of color options to be added to your typical fiber cement offer without losing their aesthetic appeal.
• The siding works perfectly well together with a variety of additional installation options for aesthetics and a unique look. You can have your contractor use lap siding, shakes, shingles or panels to create an original appearance that cannot be obtained without the use of concrete siding.
• Concrete is remarkably heat-resistant. The house or the surrounding landscape can burn for quite a while without the siding itself suffering too much damage. Also, fiber cement siding does not ignite when subjected to direct contact with sparks, heat or flames.

These are just a few of the main advantages you can expect by having high quality fiber cement siding installed as an exterior home remodeling option. Also, you’ll find not only that the affordable cost of the siding will help you avoid extreme costs, but that its durability and maintenance-free qualities will also help you get more for your money. Call a siding expert Littleton roofing contractor for additional information.

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