The Most Important Tips for Getting Your Roof Ready for Spring

Need help getting your roof ready for the spring? While some roofing systems will require repairs almost immediately upon checking them, the damage isn’t always obvious. The following tips will let you know exactly what to expect while checking your roof for any potential problems that could affect its integrity once spring arrives:

cleaning gutters in spring

• Before checking anything else, make sure your downspouts and gutters are in good order. Winter storms can often lead to debris such as leaves and branches being left to clog your gutters, so cleaning them before spring is a top priority.
• Check your shingles to make sure their structural integrity is intact. Even if there are no leaks or entirely broken shingles, it is possible that some of the cracked and structurally unsound shingles could break during dry, hot summer months.
• Make sure you also check all flashing around vents and skylights. The flashing is where leaks normally arise. If you want to avoid water damage once the ice and snow starts melting, your flashing has to be as safe and structurally sound as possible.

If you feel you don’t have enough knowledge or experience to get on a ladder and inspect the roof yourself, simply contact your local experienced Parker roofing company professionals, and they’ll send someone over to take care of the problem for you.

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