What Are the Best Paint Colors to Revive Your Home Exterior?

Want to revitalize your home exterior and make your home the talk of the town? While there are many different colors and color combinations you can use for this purpose, you’ll find the following color options to be among the best you can consider:
• White can be one of the most refreshing colors you can use, especially when combining it with a unique and lively farmhouse-style exterior. White siding with unique textures and quaint designs reminiscent of a natural, countryside house will effectively make your home stand out from the crowd.
• Craftsman-style homes with tall roofs that are surrounded by trees and green areas will benefit a great deal from a refreshing, light green hue for the exterior siding.

craftsman home painted red


• If you’re more into the traditional design of a Tudor-style house, the high contrast, intricate design of your exterior will captivate just about anyone who passes in the area. A combination of navy blue and white can work wonders in this direction, especially if you live in an area where trees and shrubs can add to the contrast of your new exterior.

Many other options are available, depending on where you live and what design you want to use. However, most experts agree that these are some of the more popular designs and color options homeowners tend to consider in this day and age.
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