When Is It Time to Give Your Roofer a Call?

2 roofers working on a roof
Whether you own an ornate wood shake or slate roofing system, or you have the cheapest asphalt shingle roof that was on the market at the time of its setup, checking your roof for damage is of immeasurable importance. Small damage and tiny leaks can be repaired without much fuss or expenses, but most homeowners don’t call their roofing experts in time. To avoid that, you have to know precisely when it’s time to call your local Aspen Group roofers:

• Is your roof leaking, or are loose or broken shingles falling off the roof and into your back yard? That’s a sure sign you need a roofer to take a look at your problem.
• Another clear sign that you need help from a professional roofer is that your roof looks old and tattered.
• Is your attic too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter time? Aside from needing additional attic insulation, the problem might also be a result of inadequate ventilation due to a poor roof install.
• Old age can also lead to the necessity of a new roof. If your roof is well past its warranty date and the normal life span for a roofing system of that type, then call your roofer for an evaluation and to ask for possible replacement options.

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