How to Get Your Roof Ready for Colorado’s Scorching Summer Sun

The winter in Colorado can be quite harsh. However, the summers are also uncommonly hot here, especially in areas farther away from the Rockies. If you want your roof to be immune to the intense heat of the sun, and you want your home to stay cool and comfortable, the following tips should provide you with some much-needed insight:

1. Consider bringing in reliable and conscientious Denver roofing contractors for a roof inspection. They can give you the scoop on your roofing system’s strong and weak points, so you can orient yourself to find the right solution.
2. Ask the roofer to also inspect elements such as your chimney, skylights, gutters and flashing. Alternatively, you might also consider inspecting the damage yourself for a closer look.
3. Decide to make solid repairs. Even if you’re short on cash, it could be a benefit to make a sacrifice earlier on, rather than wait until your roof might be further damage, and the repair job won’t be as cheap anymore.
4. Check your attic insulation and ventilation. Poor ventilation can be a sign that your roof needs deeper fixing, while poor insulation will render your roof virtually helpless when it comes to adequately protecting your home.
5. If you’re thinking of getting a new roof, opt for lighter colors. These will reflect sunlight better instead of absorbing it, so your roof and your home will stay cool.

little girl with big sunglasses enjoys sun

Don’t ignore the importance of foresight! If your roof needs fixing or maintenance work, it’s better to address it sooner, and thrive in the summer, rather than have to deal with huge electricity bills, roof repair bills and a damaged AC unit.

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