Recent Construction Trends in the Denver Area – The City’s Impressive Expansion Rate

The Denver area has been enjoying a constant growth in construction projects, and as it continues to expand and evolve, local experts are even more amazed at the speed of the expansion than they were a few years ago.

Cranes are everywhere, sidewalks and roads are closed on a regular basis in some areas of the city, and construction companies are busy trying to find creative new ways to attract new skilled workers for their huge projects. This is a pretty fair assessment of the local construction scene in Denver and what it looks like.

Even though, from the point of view of most local residents, construction projects can be noisy and inconvenient, this temporary discomfort will bring even more parks, office buildings and venues to Denver. Moreover, some projects may even impact the real estate market and get home and rent prices to reduce drastically in the next 2-3 years. As there has been a continuing need for affordable housing, the new apartment buildings in the city are expected to help lower rent prices without adversely affecting the real estate market.

Even though 2015 marked a record breaking year when it comes to the number and cost of new construction projects in Denver, 2016 topped that with an impressive 23% increase. Whether or not 2017 and 2018 are expected to continue this impressive pace, one thing is certain: Denver will be nearly unrecognizable in its modern appearance just a few years from now.

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