The Decision of Fixing a Broken Roof: Is It Time for a Roof Repair?

In many cases, when it comes time to deal with a broken or leaky roof, homeowners make the decision to spend tens of thousands of dollars on replacing it with a brand new roofing system. But is this always the best decision to make?

While a roof that can’t be repaired might be better off replaced, and one that has a need for lengthy or highly expensive repairs that simply aren’t worth it will not be a practical choice when it comes to getting a replacement, some roofing systems can be fixed with as little as a couple of hundred dollars.

damage to shingles that needs repair

The quickest way to decide whether your roof needs repairs or replacement is to talk to Littleton roofers. Schedule an inspection, and have them tell you all the details. Is the roof just missing a few broken shingles? Is it leaking? Does it just need a partial replacement and a repair job for the underlayment? These cases usually imply that you don’t need a replacement.

On the other hand, if your asphalt shingle roof is older than 20 years or you have a 50-60 year old metal roof in place, it’s usually best to inquire about replacing it. Ultimately, however, having your roof fixed by the best Littleton roofers is the best choice in most cases.

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