The Importance of Sealing Your Roof: Why Do You Need Flashing?

Whether or not you live in an area where there’s a lot of precipitation, sealing your roof and protecting your home from rain can be an extremely important thing. That’s what your roof’s flashing is for.

lead flashing

Flashing is designed to prevent water from flowing through the roof and reaching your attic, walls and rooms. With proper flashing, you can rest assured that even the strongest storms will leave your house dry on the inside.

Your flashing installation is designed to seal small and large crevices alike. It is typically installed where a projection, such as a chimney or a skylight, meets your roof. These are the points where your roof is most sensitive and vulnerable to water damage.

Bad flashing doesn’t always lead to significant leaks, but the water that seeps through can also damage the structural integrity of the roof. If, for example, you have a typical roofing system featuring wooden decking under your shingles, the decking can rot away over time as a result of small leaks affecting it. When that happens, you will need to spend thousands of dollars on a complete or partial re-roofing.

As a result, the importance of proper flashing repair and maintenance cannot be overstated. To make sure your flashing operates as it should, contact a top rated Littleton roofing contractor, and have them check your roof for leaks and flashing damage.

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