The Most Important and Practical Tips for Maintaining Your Asphalt Pavement

 flower growing on crack in pavement
The main purpose of pavement maintenance is to increase pavement life. If you have an asphalt pavement driveway or walkway surrounding your house, then the following tips should help you make the most of it, prevent long term damage and make it last much longer:

• Sealcoating is a method that works quite well when it comes to preventing the damage caused by long term water exposure. As asphalt is exposed to water, it tends to absorb it, swell and lose its structural integrity. Spraying asphalt on the surface can help overcome this issue to some extent.
• Pothole repair is another common method used to maintenance method that is extremely common and helpful. Crack filling and pothole repair go hand in hand, and they provide your pavement with long term stability, helping to avoid the need for a complete repair or replacement job.
• The use of advanced coal tar sealers can also help prevent damage from gas and oil spills. Because coal tars cannot be dissolved in oil, they can help protect your pavement from damage more efficiently than other types of sealers.
Consider contacting your local contractors at for help regarding other aspects of maintenance and when to consider asking for help on maintenance work. The timing will often be critical when it comes to making sure your asphalt pavement’s life span can be maximized.

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