Tips on How to Detect a Roof Leak as Quickly and Efficiently as Possible

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Roof leaks can be a real problem when you live in a house. City dwellers who have just moved to the countryside usually have little concept of how complicated this problem can get if the leak is allowed to progress too much. Following are a few of the best tips for detecting roof leaks efficiently, before they become a real problem:

1. Inspect your roof or schedule a full inspection with your local roofers as frequently as possible. Most experts will recommend at least twice a year, but you can also do it more frequently yourself.
2. Clear your roof and gutters as often as possible. Roofing maintenance is not only great for preventing roof leaks and other similar problems, but also to detect them, should they appear after a storm or while the snow builds up in the winter.
3. Check your attic for leaks. Despite the insulation you have in the attic, it’s usually the best place to spot roof leaks. Check the walls for water damage even when it’s not raining, and look for signs of smaller leaks during storms.
4. Examine the flashing on your roof as well as the roof decking underneath from the attic. This is typically where leaks form for the first time and where you can detect them most easily before they cause too much damage.

If you need an additional hand in detecting your roof leaks, call an experienced Englewood roofer. They can help you by scheduling a complete roof inspection and helping you decide on the best (and cheapest) course of action once the leak is detected.

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