What Are the Benefits of Vinyl Siding You Need to Know About?

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What is the cheapest, most practical and most energy-efficient type of siding you know of? While a lot of people might answer by saying aluminum or some other product might be the best, a lot of experts agree that vinyl is the best choice for homeowners with a lower budget at their disposal. And there are a few good reasons why:

• For a typical house where you’d need about 1,250 square feet of siding, the cost of vinyl siding can be as low as $2,500. This figure is much lower than what you’d normally have to spend on other types of siding like wood and aluminum.
• Vinyl is not only cheap. It can also be very resilient when compared to other types of siding, typically preventing a lot of problems that wooden siding might entail, such as rot, parasites, fire damage and severe wind damage.
• Its lighter constitution not only makes vinyl the best candidate because it’s easy to install, but also makes it easy to replace individual siding panels as part of a DIY project.
• Finally, like fiber cement and aluminum, vinyl can help you cut electricity and heating costs in the winter and summer. Its energy efficiency comes from the fact that insulated vinyl doesn’t “leak” the heat as easily as other homes, where the heat seeps through the wall studs even when the home is adequately insulated.

These qualities make vinyl one of the top choices for affordable homes. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on aluminum or concrete siding, but you still want a practical and long lasting siding product, simply choose vinyl.

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