Why Is There a Need for Roof Inspections on a Regular Basis?

old gutter full of weeds
Even though most people believe that roofs are built to last, and that once they are installed you don’t need to actually do anything more, this perception is quite false. Roofs require regular maintenance and repair, even when you install a highly expensive slate or clay roof that can withstand bad weather very well.

Debris gathering on your roof, the threat of hail, ice dams and snow, and the problem of shingles being blown clear off your roof by strong winds are just a few of the things that could go wrong. While you might notice falling debris from shingles, as well as ice dams and large leaks, some problems aren’t apparent until the deed is done and you need to replace your entire roof.

For example, while most leaks are obvious, sometimes the leak can appear in a part of your attic or home where you don’t really go too often – such as a guest room or an old bedroom that no one uses anymore. Also, it’s possible that the damage could cause leaks to damage your walls in a way that isn’t entirely obvious since the leak is inside the wall. In the long run, mold and rot can ensue, and the water can also attract parasites.

To avoid all of these issues, it is essential that you examine your roof, or have them inspected by a
trusted Littleton roofing contractor professional at least once per year.

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